August-September 2017

Frederick Holmes & Company Gallery, Seattle


Michael Caci's "GOD OF THE RING MADE MAN" Series Are Stunning; A Bold Conceptual, Allegorical, and Technical Accomplishment!

Gallery Schedule Revision: Contrary to my earlier posting, the Gallery will be open until 6:00 pm this Friday and Saturday (later, if by appointment) and closed this Sunday, August 6th. My apologies for any inconvenience.
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A Series of Works Exploring the Theme of Civilization
& Cultural Change Through the Metaphor of the Corrida

August 3 - September 2, 2017

Michael Caci's GOD OF THE RING MADE MAN Series is the culmination of literally years of experimentation and vision. When first presented to me, I viewed it with no small degree of skepticism...A bullfighting theme? But as I became witness to Caci's vision made manifest in one work after another, I became convinced he was on to something. The "bullfight" was simply the metaphor for something much more culturally and psychologically complex;  not to be interpreted literally. Much of each work's strength is attributable to Caci's technique. One hates to get too caught up in the technical attributes of a work in lieu of aesthetic, but in this case technical is what underscores and contributes to the aesthetic. Using his own photography and photos appropriated from the internet, digitally manipulated for color and scale, the photos are printed on clear, transparent sheets, and layered over his painted canvas and/or handmade papers or reflective foils, each layer of material sandwiched within clear acrylic resin and then finished with a final layer of clear resin.  Each work, from concept to the final resin finish, can take up to a year to complete. Viewing these as you are right now - on your computer or phone's screen - does them NO justice. These are works which need to be seen in person to truly appreciate their visual depth and interplay of light and bold, electric color.  
Read Michael Caci's Statement and View More of the Series Here: 

(Above Image: God Of The Ring Made Man IV (2017), Digital Mixed Media Collage, Resin on Panel, 48" x 72")