Michael Angelo Caci

Artist Statement

My current work, The Corrida Series, is a collection of large, mixed media paintings. Paintings on canvas are encapsulated beneath digital photographic clear films in layers of epoxy resins.  I use a wide variety of acrylics, dry pigments, decorative papers, industrial emulsions, and varnishes.

The corrida, or bullfight, is a microcosm of collective judgments- of beauty and carnage, self interest and survival, fear, voyeurism, pageantry, and colonialism.  Embedded in the event’s history is a diffuse story: of an evolving cultural tradition and, perhaps, its slow death.  Ernest Hemingway's book “Death in the Afternoon”, the title referring to the deaths of both matador and bull, portends the demise of an ancient tradition.  We are living in a time of violent cultural change where traditions fade away.