My collection of works “Corrida” is a large print mixed media exploration of the idea of this psychological mediary between death for old traditions. It is a translation of fragments of history and storytelling into explosive and expressive portraits of resin, color, and canvas. Writers like Hemingway would explore the traditions of bull fighting by telling tales of brave men, their lovers, and the constant threat of death that faced them when they stepped into that ring. Rather than translate the literal into the metaphoric, what I and this series hope to achieve is a reverse psychological response by repurposing the literal into visually intriguing two dimensional shapes.

As a New York native with 5 siblings my opportunity to witness the ever changing familial and cosmopolitan scene was enhanced with our extended family which ranged from the NYC to Syracuse. This exposure in my early years, combined with the diversity of NYC to the areas between gave me a depth of appreciation of the seemingly unbounded limitlessness of our section.

Originally intending to be a scientist in oceanography and zoology my vision expanded to include the cosmos, the human mind and behavior, and honestly just how insignificant a factor I was in the big picture.

As an artist I’ve collected subject matter and materials since high school. Over the last quarter century, including plenty of failures while attempting to create my art, I’ve finally succeeded achieving some of my conceptual goals.

So far I’ve cataloged thousands of my art “experiences”. I seem to be ever evolving, not limiting my art to any particular thematic or conceptual basis. The subject matter is only limited by the materials I can collect and the visualizations’ I can conceive.

Each piece is unique with anywhere between 5 to 30 pieces in a series. The size ranges are 2’x3’ to 4’x6’ multi media, acrylic on canvas layered with large format original prints and manipulated photographs, fabric, stylized paper. More acrylic paint, and this process is for me the solution to my final paintings.

My first love was photography.  It was keyed to my neurology which was largely non verbal and heavily visual.  When people talked to me I saw their expression, movement, features but not what they were saying.  I studied science and math because it was all about images and mapping.  Composition and slight changes to an image were to me mirrors of emotional moments full of meaning.  It was always what feelings or ideas they suggested. 

Later, after two university degrees which turned out to be largely a waste of time, at least professionally, and years of diversion, I returned to making art but with a renewed desire to make something that came from all my interests and experience in psychology, science and art.