Short Bio:

Michael was born in upstate New York, attended Humboldt State University and the University of Washington. He settled in Seattle where he lives and works. His works are largely mixed media combining layers of photographic films, paintings, metals and reflective media.

As a high school student Michael won the industrial arts award in photography for studies of microscopic crystallization formations. At the University of Washington he studied painting, printmaking and digital photography and began combining photographic and traditional painting and drawing processes with digital technologies. In the late 1990s he began experimenting with large format digital printers and software. These experiments created a new path for Michael’s artistic output and expression which continues in his current work.

“My mother emigrated from Sicily as did my father's parents.  My father worked two jobs as I was growing up which left my short, strong willed mother to raise us.  She was a great lover of the arts.  Very religious, very disciplined, very loving.  With two older sisters, especially my oldest sister who left home early, went to Woodstock and broke the mold, and two younger sisters (I was surrounded by women), I became a strong advocate for women's rights as it was very clear to me even as a very young boy, as I grew up, that young girls tracked differently based on their sense of opportunity. All during the 60's as so many changes were occurring in American society; civil rights, Vietnam, women's liberation, and a multi racial environment that was Auburn, New York- this was the cauldron where my sense of social equality and fairness formed and a driving force in my artistic expression.”

Michael’s work can be loosely characterized as visual metaphor; vignettes of personal and emotional inner dialog, often represented ambiguously and critically. He is socially and psychologically minded in the conception and execution of his working processes. He expresses the relative nature of morality, love and human activity within the frame of science and evolution.